Other Journals in the Field

To submit corrections or additional journals that should be included in this list please email information@ische.org.

Historical Studies in Education – Revue d’histoire de l’éducation (ENGLISH & FRENCH, Published by the Canadian History of Education Association)
Historia y Memoria de la Educación (ENGLISH, SPANISH, ITALIAN, FRENCH, PORTUGUESE, Published by the Spanish Society of History of Education)
History of Education and Children Literature (ENGLISH, ITALIAN, FRENCH, SPANISH, Published by the University of Macerata, Italy)

Anali za povijest odgoja / Annals for the History of Education (Published by the Croatian School Museum in Zagreb, Croatia)

History of Education Quarterly (Published by the US History of Education Society)
History of Education (Published by the UK History of Education Society)
History of Education Researcher (Published by the UK History of Education Society)
History of Education Review (Published by the Australia New Zealand History of Education Society)

Carrefours de l’éducation
Histoire de l’éducation (Published by the Service d’histoire de l’éducation)
Revue française de pédagogieRevue d’histoire de l’enfance irrégulière (Published by l’Ecole nationale de protection judiciaire de la jeunesse et l’Association pour l’histoire de la protection judiciaire des mineurs)

Revista História da Educação. Pelotas: UFPEl (Published by the Sulriograndense history of education Society – Rio Grande do Sul)
Revista Brasileira de História da Educação (Published by the Brazilian History of Education Society)
Cadernos de História da Educação. Universidade Federal de Uberlândia (Published by faculty from the Federal University of Uberlândia – Minas Gerais)
Revista Histedbr On-line (Published by faculty based in the State University of Campinas – São Paulo)

Šolska kronika / School Chronicle: Journal of the History of Schooling and Education (Published by the Slovenian School Museum–Ljubljana and the Historical Association of Slovenia)

Revista Mexicana de Historia de la Educación (Mexico)
Espacio, Tiempo y Educación (Spain)
Anuario de la Sociedad Argentina de Historia de la Educación (Published by the Sociedad Argentina de Historia de la Educación)