“Mapping the Discipline History of Education” Standing Working Group invites submissions for Istanbul 2015 Conference

The SWG “Mapping the Discipline History of Education”, convened by Eckhardt Fuchs, Rita Hofstetter, Emmanuelle Picard, Joelle Droux, Alexandre Fontaine, and Solenn Huitric, invites proposals for the SWG activities at the 2015 ISCHE conference in Istanbul 24-27 June. The goal of the SWG is to create a current and retrospective assessment of the discipline’s institutional grounding and of the knowledge produced by its practitioners, stretching across national and cultural borders. Ultimately, the program will help to increase interactions among scholars and facilitate the creation of collaborative research agendas, thereby augmenting the standing and visibility of the discipline. It aims to describe the recent evolution of History of Education in order to make it more visible and, in knowing it and in reflecting on it, to reinforce its foundation and legitimacy. It may also serve as reference for prospective planning and for establishing a research agenda.  At ISCHE 37 we will organize up to four panels on the following topics: (1.) Institutional history of our discipline, such as associations, networks, institutes, posts, journals; (2.) Historiography in specific cultural, regional or national contexts with a special emphasis on the history of education in the Middle-East, in Africa, and East Asia; (3.) Historiography on specific topics from a comparative or transnational perspective, such as research reviews on child protection policy; on the impact of globalization on the history of education, etc.; (4.) Presentations on the issue of collecting and harmonizing data about our field (institutes, departments, academic posts, doctoral thesis) in order to allow international comparison.  Deadline for submissions 31 December.  Please send your proposal to Rita Hofstetter (Rita.Hofstetter@unige.ch), Emmanuelle Picard (emmanuelle.picard@ens-lyon.fr) or Eckhardt Fuchs (fuchs@gei.de).  Additional information here.

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