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ISCHE Sessions planned for CISH 2015 Conference

At the CISH 2015 conference in Jinan in August 2015 ISCHE will sponsor two sessions, one on “Histories of Education in East Asia: Indigenous Developments and Transnational Entanglements”, featuring the following presentations:

  • * Chair and Introduction: Eckhardt Fuchs (University of Braunschweig, Germany)
  • * European and American Teachers in Korean Government Schools, 1883-1910
    (Klaus Dittrich, University of Luxembourg)
  • * The Educational Experiences and Identity formation of Overseas Chinese Students in Korea
    (Narae Seo, Yonsei University, Korea)
  • * Athletic Meeting, Nationalism and Memory in Modern Korean Education
    (Seongcheol Oh, Seoul National University of Education, Korea)

The second session, titled, “The Study of East Asian Educational History in Modern Japan: Its Past Development and Future Direction” will feature:

  • * Chair: Prof. Zhang Binxian (Beijing Normal University, China)
  • * The Study of East Asian Educational History in Modern Japan: Its Past Development and Future Direction (Mariko Ichimi, National Institute for Educational Policy Research, Japan)
  • * Intermixing Imaginations: The Perception of East Asia by Japan, China, and its Neighboring Ethnicities
    (Atsuko Shimbo, Waseda University, Japan)
  • * The League of Nations and Educational Reform in China
    (Kaiyi Li, University of Braunschweig, Germany/Beijing Normal University, China)
  • * The Formation of Higher Education System in Korea under Japanese Colonial Rule
    (Kim Ja-Joong, Korea University)

A full description of the panels is available here.

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