CFP: ISCHE 38 Preconference Workshop on “Migrants, Migration and Education” 16 Aug 2016 (Chicago)

CFP: ISCHE 38 Preconference Workshop on “Migrants, Migration and Education” 16 Aug 2016 (Chicago)

Proposals are invited for an ISCHE Preconference Workshop on “Migrants, Migration and Education”.  Convened by Kevin Myers (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom), Christian Ydesen (University of Aalborg. Denmark), and Paul Ramsey (Eastern Michigan University, USA) this workshop will take place Tuesday August 16 in Chicago IL prior to the start of the ISCHE 38 Annual Conference.

Education and migration have a long and complex history. Over a period of at least five centuries migrants have traversed the globe in various guises; as adventurers and traders; preachers and teachers; scholars and researchers; as orphans, criminals and refugees. As they moved migrants also learnt. They did so formally and informally and both inside and outside formal systems of education. Indeed, the very act of migration necessitates a process of learning; of developing knowledge and networks around destinations; acquiring vocational and linguistic skills; integrating with receiving societies; campaigning against prejudice and injustice and forging new identities in new societies.

Despite the fact that both the forced and voluntary migration of people has been a characteristic feature of the globalizing world, the formal and informal educational experiences of migrants remain under-researched in the history of education.

This three hour workshop is dedicated to exploring the relationship between migration, migrants and educational ideas, images, practices and personnel. The convenors are looking for a small number of papers that reflect on the ‘state of the art’, explore important topics and/or consider new possibilities for research. Possible themes include:

(a) Review the historiography of education and migration in the field of history of education

  • What is the ‘state of the art’?
  • What is already known or well established?
  • Are there geographical regions/chronological periods/or particular groups or processes that require further research?

(b) Identify emerging research themes or tools

  • What research themes or methods are emerging in new work?
  • In what fields or disciplines is important work being done on migration and education?
  • What conceptual tools are employed?

(c) Propose programmes of research

  • What might an ISCHE Standing Working Group on migration and education seek to achieve?
  • What opportunities exist for collaborative research?
  • What outputs might we aim for?

One part of the workshop will be interactive and require active discussion. We look forward to your submissions.  Deadline February 1, 2016.  Note that this deadline is later than ISCHE 38 Conference submission deadline (December 31, 2015). the Please send proposals to all three convenors:

Kevin Myers, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Christian Ydesen, University of Aalborg. Denmark.

Paul Ramsey, Eastern Michigan University. USA.

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CFP: ISCHE 38 Preconference Workshop on “Merit | Achievement as Paradigm” 16 Aug 2016 (Chicago)

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