Regional Workshops

ISCHE sponsors regional workshops as part of fulfilling its mandate to support the development of the field of the history of education globally.  These events also create opportunities for international scholarly exchange around historical issues and concerns specific to particular areas of the world.  Proposals for the organization of regional conferences are actively solicited and should be addressed to the ISCHE President.

Past ISCHE Regional Workshops

  • ISCHE Caribbean Regional Workshop “Caribbean History of Education and its Transnational Entanglements” 3-4 February 2016 (Barranquilla, Colombia).
  • ISCHE East Asian Regional Workshop “Transnational Entanglements in Education: East Asia and the ‘West'” 20-21 August 2015 (Beijing, China)  Program available here.
  • ISCHE South Africa Regional Workshop “Colonial Education in Africa: Connecting Histories of Education Through Text, Image, Voice, Memory and Word” 4-5 July 2013 (Cape Town, South Africa) Program available here.
  • ISCHE South Asia Regional Workshop “Learning in the Past, Research Agendas for the Future: Connecting Histories of Education, 1700-2000” 3-5 February 2010 (Kolkata, India) Program available here.