ISCHE First Book Award

ISCHE First Book Award

The ISCHE First Book Award recognizes a single-authored academic monograph by a historian of education that represents innovative and exemplary scholarship in the field of history of education broadly conceived. As an award given for a first book, ISCHE also seeks to recognize a historian of education of extraordinary capability and promise.

The deadline for submissions is at the beginning of September each year and the award decision will be announced at least three months before the annual conference. The award is given every year at the General Assembly meeting during the annual conference, and the awardee is invited to offer brief remarks if present.

A nomination for the ISCHE First Book Award can be made by filling in the ISCHE First Book Award cover sheet, to be sent by email to about procedures should be addressed to

Two copies of an already published book should be sent directly to the address of Dr. H.T.A. Amsing (see below). Any book copyrighted during the current year or the year before is eligible for consideration. Books published in any of the four official ISCHE languages (English, French, German and Spanish) will be considered for the award. Letters of nomination will not be accepted, however a nominated book may be submitted by any entity including an individual or a publishing house. Entities may submit more than one book. A multi-volume work by a single author can be nominated only after the publication of all volumes. The award decisions will be considered final and not subject to revision or appeal.

Books are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • First book published in the current year or the precedent year
  • Excellence and thoroughness of historical research
  • Innovative and rigorous thinking
  • Use of original and primary materials; innovative use of sources
  • Suitability and rigor of methodology; innovative methods of analysis
  • Integration of sub-disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives
  • Style and appropriateness of presentation; exemplary writing and clarity of expression
  • Value in furthering the understanding and history of education; impact on the field of history of education

Two copies of the book should be sent to the following address:

ISCHE First Book Award
C/o Dr. H.T.A. Amsing

Educational Sciences
Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Grote Rozenstraat 38
9712 TJ Groningen, The Netherlands


Award Committee 2017/2018:

Jame Albisetti, University of Kentucky, USA
Ines Dussel, DIE-Cinvestav, Mexico
Solenn Huitric, Le Laboratoire de l’Education – UMS Lyon, France
Elsie Rockwell, DIE-Cinvestav, Mexico
Frank Simon, Ghent University, Belgium (Chair)


2017 ISCHE Book Award



Damiano Matasci, L’école républicaine et l’étranger. Une histoire internationale des réformes scolaires en France 1870-1914 (Lyon: ENS Éditions, 2015), 274 pp.