CFP – Special Issue – Rivista di Storia dell’Educazione. Deadline: 31 May 2017
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CFP – Special Issue – Rivista di Storia dell’Educazione. Deadline: 31 May 2017


CALL FOR PAPERS – Special issue «Rivista di Storia dell’Educazione» n. 1, 2018:
“IL CAMPANILE SCOLASTICO”: Revisiting the local dimension in historical-educational research
Guest editors: Alberto Barausse, Carla Ghizzoni, Juri Meda;;


Following recent advances in historical-educational research at the international level, this special issue invites scholars to engage in research that draws out the heuristic value of the local dimension in the history of education by reconstructing the processes whereby schooling was introduced across different country contexts. The submitted articles should discuss the history of schooling not only at the institutional and legislative levels, but also in biographical, social and material terms, bringing to light meaningful descriptions, memories, periods, events, and aspects of schooling, and illustrating the educational practices that were concretely implemented in the classroom, as opposed to those prescribed by law and by official programmes.
Adopting a local approach can help to advance our understanding of: the types of school present in each historical context; the educational models transmitted through them; their teachers and pupils; and the expectations of students and families. Reconstructing individual contexts or institutions via published or unpublished sources stored in local archives and/or libraries allows us to assess the extent to which national legislation was being put into practice across a given country at a given point in time, providing us with valuable insights into how national education systems gradually developed. Such an approach can also help us to trace a history of education that grew from the “bottom up”, hand in hand with the forging of cultural identities at the country level. The period to be investigated is that spanning the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, during which schooling – at all levels – was closely implicated in the formation of national identities.
Hence, the aim of this call for papers is to gather studies on: schools themselves as educational institutions; the main actors in these institutions (teachers, principals, administrators, and groups of students); school cultures (copybooks, textbooks, educational practices); education programmes; educational tools; and the forms of identity construction deployed by local actors – whether institutional, social, or individual – in this historical process.
Articles may be written in Italian, English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Local school history: the institutions and the subjects who played a key role in them
The role of local and national identities in the spread of schooling
Nationalization processes
School cultures and educational practices

The deadline for submission proposals is 31 May 2017. A brief abstract describing the historical setting and theme of the article, the research methodology adopted, the sources drawn on, and a short bibliography (max. 10 references) should be sent to Segreteria CIRSE, marked to the attention of Prof. Gianfranco Bandini, at:; (and copied to the editors of the special issue at:;;
By 15 July 2017 the result of the preliminary assessment will be communicated, as well as the acceptance or rejection of the proposed article. The final delivery of accepted texts must take place by 31 January 2018. All submissions will be subjected to an anonymous peer review process, as required by the journal.
For further information, please contact:;;; and


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