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Call for nominations to ISCHE Executive Committee. Deadline: July 4, 2017

Call for nominations to ISCHE Executive Committee

The are two vacancies to fill  on the Executive Committee of ISCHE at our upcoming meeting in Buenos Aires in July. Individuals may be nominated for the EC either by an affiliated association or by two individual members of ISCHE. Interested candidates, who have received the required nominations, should send the President directly a one page candidacy statement as well as a one-page CV BEFORE July 4, 2017: rebecca.rogers@parisdescartes.fr
These statements and CV will be distributed during the  General Assembly at the Chicago meeting. Only members who have paid their dues are eligible to vote or to be candidates.


Previous CFP The Time of Teachers | Le Temps des Professeurs | El Tiempo de los Maestros. Deadline: Jul. 2, 2017
Next III International Conference on School Material Culture - Macerata - Sep. 12-13, 2017

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