Since its creation in 1978 ISCHE has steadily increased in membership and created stronger collaborative links. We ask that national associations and societies related with History of Education that are not yet part of ISCHE, as well as individuals from nations without national societies, join us in order to widen our presence around the world.

ISCHE aims to:

  • Foster research in the field of the History of Education;
  • Facilitate international contact, intellectual exchange and co-operation between all those who work in the field of the History of Education;
  • Develop an appreciation of the History of Education and its contribution to an understanding of Education;
  • Encourage the teaching of the History of Education;
  • Arrange and promote sessions, including the ISCHE Periodical Sessions (annual conference), seminars, study groups, meetings, working groups, networks, websites and publications towards achieving these aims.


ISCHE flyer graphic

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